ACMS Medical Clinic is located in the Central Business District of Singapore, established since 2016. With our experienced doctors, we are able to provide appropriate care, advice and treatment for your healthcare needs, queries and concerns. We strive to work with you to improve your healthcare needs and the quality of care.

Our clinic is equipped with all the necessary medicine and medical equipment to ensure highest standard of treatment for you and your family. Our services include health screening, vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment, medical and health checkups, management of acute and chronic conditions and much more.

We are your One Stop Fuss Free Medical Services Provider.


Our assurance to protecting your personal data

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) protects your personal data while enabling organisations to use your data reasonably to serve you. We, as a healthcare company, collect relevant data and use them for the following purposes:

Providing medical services for your treatment

Communication with Doctors, Appointed Third-Party Personnel who are involved in your care

Communication with Insurance Companies and Third-Party Administrators for your treatments

Communication with Government Bodies, eg Medisave Board, NEHR etc on your visits

Facilitate payment on products and services including verification of credit card payments

Disclosure to any third-party, with compliance to legal requirements, orders, directions or request from any court, authority or government bodies within or outside Singapore


Please be assured that if your personal data is collected, used or disclosed for these purposes, we will protect it as required under the PDPA and other relevant legislation such as the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act.

If you have any questions or concerns on our personal data protection policies and practices, please contact us.